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Introducing Change

  • Governance
  • Culture, Behaviours and Practices
  • New Technology
  • Supply Model
  • Procedures
  • Organisation
  • Quick Wins, Medium Term Goals
  • Challenge, Options Appraisal, Implementation, Measurement

Data Extraction | Data Cleansing | Data Classification | Data Analysis | Target Programme

Why Do Spend Analysis Projects Fail?

  • Lack of Leadership
  • Lack of Sponsorship
  • Unrealistic Expectations/Unclear goals
  • Data quality
  • Wrong Tools
  • Lack of Skills/Resource Support
  • Change management not addressed

Driven by the imperative requirements to mitigate supplier risk and create value through increased innovation and competitiveness, investment in Supplier Management has extended beyond Financial Management, Contract, Spend Analysis and Sourcing to the areas of Supplier Information Management (‘SIM’), Supplier Risk Management (‘Risk’) and Supplier Relationship Management (‘SRM’), Sustainability and Social Supply Enterprise Collaboration (‘SSEC’). Resulting from an increasingly global and complex marketplace, the financial costs, reputation and competitive damage resulting from inefficiencies in Supplier Management.

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